EINs for Non-U.S. Founders

EINs for Non-U.S. Founders


Starting today, non-U.S. founders incorporating on Clerky will be able to apply for an EIN completely online — and for free.

In most cases, U.S.-based startup founders can get an EIN from the IRS website in minutes. Startup founders outside of the U.S. usually can't do this though, because the online application requires an SSN or ITIN. If you incorporate in the U.S. but don't have a personal U.S. taxpayer ID, your only option aside from snail mail is to fax an application to the IRS and wait to receive the EIN back by fax.

Obviously, this is a huge pain. Where do you even find a fax machine these days?

Clerky startups in this situation can now avoid this hassle entirely. Answer a few easy questions to generate the EIN paperwork and have Clerky fax it to the IRS. When we get the EIN back, we'll upload it and notify you immediately. Please keep in mind that the IRS can be very slow to process EIN applications by fax. It can easily take months in some cases. Unfortunately, there's no way to speed this up (believe us, we've looked).

We're especially proud of our new EIN functionality because it's 100% in-house, not outsourced. Even though it's very common to outsource handling EIN applications, we decided to do the work ourselves in order to minimize the risk of delays or data breaches. We've also worked hard to make sure that you can fully comply with IRS instructions when you submit an EIN application through Clerky. Surprisingly, this isn't the case with a lot of other services that help startups with EINs.

If you're incorporating a startup and don't have an SSN or ITIN, we hope you'll enjoy this new feature. We look forward to making your life easier!

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