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Clerky helps startups
get legal stuff done right (and fast).

Incorporation available now. Convertible notes, employee documents, NDAs, and more coming soon.
Use Clerky to get your paperwork out of the way so you can get back to building your company.


Generate Documents

Pick a template, enter the key terms, and we generate documents for you. No more copy and paste. Do another and we'll auto-fill the information.


Sign Electronically

Give us the email addresses and we'll collect electronic signatures from everyone. No more printing, faxing, or scanning signature pages.


Keep Organized

We give you a dashboard to help you keep track of your transactions. Your signed documents are always available for you to download.

Our Customers

Hundreds of startups have used Clerky to get legal paperwork done quickly and painlessly.

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... and hundreds more!

What We Offer

Forms Library

Our templates contain only widely accepted forms with the latest market standard terms.

Each form has been carefully developed in collaboration with lawyers from top law firms and accelerators.

Transaction Wizard

We provide all the self-help information you need to fill everything out with ease.

Everything is auto-saved, so you don't have to worry about losing your work.

When appropriate, we'll auto-fill information from previous transactions.

Document Generation

Our advanced document generation software puts your information where it belongs.

Sleep well knowing your documents are free of word processing errors.

Electronic Signatures

Rock-solid electronic signatures - we meet or exceed all US and EU regulations.

We also make them super easy - no boxes to drag and drop. We automatically put signatures where they belong.

Our Pricing

Create an account for free - no credit card required.
We'll only charge when your transaction is ready to be finalized.

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