Announcing a new partnership with Pulley

Announcing a new partnership with Pulley


We're excited to announce a new partnership with Pulley, one of the most popular equity management solutions for startups. Thousands of startups use Pulley to create cap tables, secure 409A valuations, and access essential tools for equity management. Pulley is the top-rated cap table solution on G2 and is used by more than 70% of each Y Combinator batch.

Starting today, you'll be able to automatically create a cap table for your startup on Pulley using information from Clerky. Your cap table on Pulley will also automatically update as you issue more shares, stock options, safes, or convertible notes on Clerky.

As a startup attorney, I’ve seen firsthand the challenges startups have with cap table management. Pulley is one of the most popular cap table services with our startups, so we're thrilled to be making it easier for them to get set up on Pulley.
Darby Wong — Co-Founder and CEO of Clerky

In 2011, I was in the same Y Combinator group as Clerky. The founders personally helped me set up my company quickly, saving me thousands on legal fees. I've used Clerky for every company I've started. It's not surprising that Clerky has become the default for so many companies today. I'm excited for Pulley to partner with Clerky and make it easier for more founders to start and scale.
Yin Wu — Co-Founder and CEO of Pulley

To get started, go to the Integrations page for your startup's team on Clerky. Then just go to the Pulley integration and click Install. Once you've connected your Clerky account, Pulley takes care of the rest, syncing your data and setting up your cap table.

That's not all! If you don’t already use Pulley, you'll get 15% off your first year when you sign up through this integration.

We’re excited to work with Pulley to make life even easier for startup founders. This new integration means that Clerky startups will be able to use Pulley's advanced equity management tools without the repetitive data entry. We hope you'll enjoy using it!

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