New features and perks

New features and perks


What's new in our software:

  • Our post-incorporation setup products now automatically calculate purchase prices of shares. No more worrying about messing up the calculations!
  • Automatic reviewers now have both edit and review access on document sets. Now, when you assign an automatic reviewer for a team, they'll be able to do more.
  • It's now possible to remove finalized document sets from your dashboard. Use this feature to delete test document sets or ones where the paperwork is no longer valid.
  • When sending out signature requests, you'll now get autofill suggestions straight from your Clerky address book. No more searching through your inbox for the right email address to copy and paste!
  • You can also now preview how your signature request email will look with a personal message. No surprises – know exactly how your request will appear before you press send.

Plus, we've added some new perks: 

  • Y Combinator – event invites, resources, advice, and even offers for funding
  • Slack – 25% off upgrades to Slack Pro or other Business+ plans
  • Crunchbase – 10% off your startup's first year
  • Slab – 40% off your startup's first year
  • Notion – 6 months free of Notion Plus and Notion AI
  • Gusto – 6 months free of any Gusto plan
  • Zendesk – 6 months free of Zendesk Suite and Zendesk Sales CRM
  • Payoneer – $100 cashback after receiving $1,000 in payments
  • Founder Shield – 30% off brokerage fee
  • Aranca – save up to 40% on an audit-ready 409A valuation
  • Porter – $10,000 in credits lasting 12 months
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