Attorney Accounts

Free software that makes it easy to work with clients and colleagues. Advanced products that let you help your clients do more.

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Private Workspace

With an Attorney account, you get a private workspace that makes it easy to work with your clients and colleagues. See and control exactly which products your clients have access to.

Advanced Products

Attorney accounts get access to over 40 advanced products that are not publicly available. You can use these products to fix formations done through other online services, manage safes and convertible notes, and more.


We understand that different clients have different needs. If you need to customize documents beyond the provided fields, you can swap out the underlying forms for any of our products.

Review & Observe

Want to sign off on everything your client does, or just be kept in the loop? You can make sure you're always a reviewer or observer on everything your clients do, or have them add you only when necessary.

Real-time Collaboration

Want to drive the process and have your client just fill in information? Our software makes it easy to invite other people to collaborate on a document set, in real-time. Rest easy knowing everyone is looking at the same information.

Audit Trail

We log every change anyone makes to a document set or workspace, so you can always see who was responsible for what.