Designed for Delaware C-corporations incorporated on Clerky or other standard paperwork (e.g. from a major Silicon Valley law firm).

Formation Formation

The most popular way for startups to get company formation done.

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* total, including
third party fees, is $407

Incorporate as a Delaware C-corporation, the standard for high-growth startups.

In order to ensure reliability, we electronically file your certificate of incorporation with the Delaware Secretary of State. We typically return the filed certificate of incorporation to you within 2-3 business days.

Post-Incorporation Setup


After incorporating, our post-incorporation setup helps you elect directors, appoint officers, adopt bylaws, issue stock with customizable vesting, and protect the company's intellectual property.

  • Action of Incorporator
  • Bylaws
  • Initial Board Consent
  • Restricted Stock Purchase Agreements
  • Notices of Stock Issuance
  • Pre-filled 83(b) Election and Filing Instructions
  • Confidential Information and Invention Assignment Agreements

Foreign Qualification

$125 + third party fees
for CA, NY, NJ*

$149 + third party fees
for all other states*

* total costs vary by state

Register to do business in your home state. This is often necessary for opening a bank account or setting up payroll.

Stock Plan Adoption

Adopt a stock plan to easily issue restricted stock or stock options to employees, consultants, and advisors.

Fundraising Fundraising

In private beta.



  • Valuation Cap
  • Discount
  • Valuation Cap and Discount

Convertible Notes


  • Valuation Cap
  • Discount
  • Valuation Cap and Discount

A profile photo Hiring

In private beta.


  • Offer Letter
  • Confidential Information and Invention Assignment Agreement


  • Consulting Agreement
  • Confidential Information and Invention Assignment Agreement


  • Advisor Agreement

Stock Options

  • Board Consent
  • Notice of Stock Option Grant
  • Stock Option Agreement

Restricted Stock

  • Board Consent
  • Notice of Issuance
  • Notice of Restricted Stock Award
  • Pre-Filled 83(b) Election and Instructions
  • Restricted Stock Agreement

Commercial Commercial

In private beta.

Non-Disclosure Agreements


  • One-Way
  • Mutual

Maintenance Maintenance

In private beta.

Charter Amendments


  • Name Change
  • Increase Authorized Shares

Board Consents


  • Add or Remove Directors
  • Add or Remove Officers