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Public Benefit Corporations

Form your startup as a Delaware public benefit corporation, for added flexibility to make your startup a force for good. Clerky products help you form your PBC startup correctly, so that you can go on to raise money and hire people without issue.

What's the difference?

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Regular Delaware corporations are obligated to maximize stockholder value.

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Delaware public benefit corporations must balance stockholder value with one or more specified public benefits, as well as the interests of anyone materially affected by its conduct.

“We’ve been impressed with the focus Clerky has on quality, and are thrilled that responsible startups now have a simple and efficient turnkey solution for embedding their values into their corporate structure from day one.”

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Form, Fundraise, and Hire as a Delaware PBC

Our software has everything PBC startups need before a Series A, from formation to fundraising to hiring. As your startup grows, we will be by your side to help you do paperwork safely and keep everything organized.

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