Help us simplify legal paperwork.

Our Values

Attention to Detail

There's often nothing between you and our audience – which includes people who notice things like whether commas are italicized or not. We're counting on you to make us look good!

Work as Craft

Whether it's writing code or replying to a customer's email, we're constantly striving to raise our skills to the next level. We're here to do it better than it's ever been done before.


We're experts in law and technology – but law can be unfamiliar to founders, and technology can be unfamiliar to attorneys. We're constantly working to put ourselves in their shoes, in order to produce a better customer experience.

We optimize for your impact.

Health Insurance

We cover 100% of medical, dental, and vision insurance premiums – because your health is the foundation on which everything is built.


For the co-located folks, we're stocked with healthy snacks and have nutritious meals delivered every day.

Set Your Own Hours

We work hard and view time as a scarce resource. Set your own hours to optimize for your productivity. It's about results here, not face time!

Remote First

We work with the best, wherever they're located. Some of us are co-located, but we believe that optimizing for distributed work results in a stronger team.


We're constantly looking for ways to improve our craft. Have a book you want to read, or a class you want to take? Just ask!