Two attorneys standing side-by-side

Compatible with Attorneys

Powerful collaboration features that make it easy to work with your attorney.

Wait, I need an attorney to use Clerky?

Definitely not - many startups use Clerky on their own without issue.

However, some want an attorney to double-check what they type in, or else have unusual circumstances that require customization. Others might already have an attorney and just want to keep them in the loop.

If that's your situation, don't worry! We've built powerful collaboration features that make it easy to work with your attorneys and paralegals.

If you need help finding a good startup attorney, feel free to reach out to us - we're more than happy to see if we can connect you to one from our personal networks.

How can I use Clerky with my attorney?

Two hands shariing a document


Set attorneys and paralegals as collaborators to give them access your company’s legal documents.

A document with a magnifying glass


Add an attorney or paralegal as a reviewer to have them sign off or flag potential issues before documents are finalized.

A document with an eye


As an observer, people get email notifications when you send out signature requests, as well as when documents are finalized.

A form with an edit icon


If your attorney needs to customize the documents, your attorney can swap out the underlying forms in any document set they're reviewing.