Making it easy for startups to get legal transactions done.

Comprehensive & Carefully Curated

We've had veteran startup attorneys curate our comprehensive library - each form has been carefully selected in accordance with the latest market terms.

Clerky is not your attorney, nor are its employees. We provide access to software and self-help materials. For legal advice or review, you should seek the assistance of an attorney.

Intelligently Packaged

We package related forms together (into document set templates), to help you get everything done in one fell swoop. No more repetitive data entry - just enter the information once, and we'll replicate as necessary.


Prerequisite Checklists

To help you do the right things at the right time, we provide checklists of prerequisites companies should meet before using a given template.


Straightforward Questionnaires

We make everything easy with instructions, examples, and default text (for optional fields). We also provide detailed descriptions of the more complicated fields, to help you determine what to put down.


Auto-Save & Auto-Fill

Don't worry about losing your progress - we automatically save everything you type. We'll even remember information for future document sets and auto-fill it when appropriate.


Quick & Perfect

We'll take the information you provide and generate documents for you in minutes. Our software doesn't make typos. Pay your lawyer for advice, review, and drafting custom documents - not rote word processing.


Quick & Easy

Sign only once per document set, no matter how many documents are involved. Signature requests are sent via email, with a secure URL for authentication. We automatically expire signature requests after 30 days, to prevent surprises from forgotten document sets.


Optional Signature Escrow

We typically finalize document sets once all signatures have been provided. At your option, we can hold signatures in escrow, so that your explicit confirmation is required before the document set is finalized.


Legally Binding

Once your document set is finalized, we send out legally binding signed PDFs to everyone involved. We meet all US and EU requirements for electronic signatures (ESIGN, UETA, and 1999/93/EC).


Status Dashboard

Keep track of all your document sets in one place. We'll let you know what the status of each document set is. Document sets are sorted so that the most recently updated document sets will always be at the top.


Outstanding Request List

Keep things from falling through the cracks. We'll show you what you still need to sign, as well as any outstanding signature requests you've sent to others. Lost an email or want to remind someone else? Just click the circular arrow icon to resend the signature request.


Document Set Summary

Easily look up details of previously completed document sets - just click on any completed document set on your dashboard. We show you the date each document was signed, as well as the key deal terms. You can also download copies of the signed documents.


3-Way Backups

We maintain read-only replicas of our database and make full daily backups. In addition, we use Heroku Postgres databases, so every change is automatically replicated to multi-datacenter, high durability storage through Heroku's Continuous Protection facility.

Secure Encryption

We store your documents on Amazon S3, where we encrypt them at rest using 256-bit AES SSE, along with a hash of each file. Our site is secured with 256-bit AES EV-TLS. We irreversibly hash all passwords with bcrypt.


We're bonded and licensed in San Mateo County, California as a document preparation service. Our founders are experienced startup attorneys - note the sparkling clean records here and here.