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Avoid Problems with Legal Paperwork

Most startups have problems with their legal paperwork. Clerky helps you avoid that, providing you with the best chance of getting your legal paperwork done correctly online. We started Clerky specifically to help founders avoid problems from using other online services or low-quality lawyers.

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100% Complete

Clerky is the only online service that helps founders do formation paperwork the same way top Silicon Valley law firms do. Other online services only offer part of the full set of formation paperwork, or do them in a non-standard way.


Founded by Startup Attorneys

Clerky is led by two startup attorneys who are obsessive about helping startups avoid costly problems with legal paperwork. They saw how other online services created problems for their clients, and founded Clerky to stop that from happening to anyone else.

Collaborate Easily



We know that company formation is often a collaborative process, especially for startups with multiple founders. We've built features that let you easily assign tasks to co-founders and work on everything together.


Your Attorney

Many startups use Clerky on their own, but many also use Clerky with their attorneys. Our software is designed to facilitate collaboration, with features that allow startup attorneys to easily look over and customize documents.

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Get a Legal Dashboard for Fundraising and Hiring

Forming a startup on Clerky enables access to a legal dashboard that makes it easy to do additional legal paperwork. Issue safes or convertible notes. Hire employees, consultants, and advisors, and issue stock or stock options as equity compensation.

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Bank Accounts and Discounts

We make it easy to open a corporate bank account with top-tier startup banks. Auto-fill information from your formation paperwork to save yourself time and hassle. You can access deals from best-in-class services too, including AWS and Brex.

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When Y Combinator funds an unincorporated startup, I send the founders to Clerky and know everything will be done correctly.
Company Logo Kirsty Nathoo, Partner at Y Combinator

See what top startup attorneys have to say about Clerky.

Clerky is the online service most often recommended by startup attorneys, because they know Clerky provides founders with the best chance of getting the paperwork done correctly.

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Clerky is the highest quality online solution for standard company documentation I've seen, especially for startups that are looking to get set up in a way that is ready for financing. David Goldenberg Founding Partner at VLP Law Group, LLP
There are a lot of online services out there that can quickly create legal documents, but Clerky stands out for combining that ease-of-use with a focus on helping startups get everything done the right way. From what we've seen with our clients who have come to SLS post-formation, there's no other online service that is as effective at helping founders avoid problems with due diligence. Andre Gharakhanian Partner at Silicon Legal Strategy
Everyone knows about Clerky for formation already, but their fundraising and hiring products are equally impressive. Some other services claim to have those too, but they end up causing legal problems because the quality isn't there. Building these products correctly requires a skill set that is unique to Clerky. John Bautista Partner, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP John is an advisor to Clerky
We keep close tabs on the services our clients use, and Clerky is uniquely focused on making sure that things are done correctly — that’s really important for avoiding expensive problems down the line. Lou Soto Partner, Gunderson Dettmer Stough Villeneuve Franklin & Hachigian, LLP
The difference between clients who arrive to us having used a shitty lawyer v. those who used Clerky is night and day. Well done @darbyw and @chrisfield5. Public service. José Ancer Partner + CTO, Optimal Counsel

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Incorporate as a Delaware C corporation, the standard for high-growth startups. Typically processed by the Delaware Secretary of State within 2-3 business days.

  • Expedited filing fees
  • First-year registered agent fee
  • Annual report and franchise tax reminders
Post-Incorporation Setup

Elect directors, appoint officers, adopt bylaws, issue stock with customizable vesting, and protect the company's intellectual property.

  • Action of Incorporator
  • Bylaws
  • Initial Board Consent
  • Restricted Stock Purchase Agreements
  • Notices of Stock Issuance
  • Pre-filled 83(b) Election and Filing Instructions
    • Automated Reminders📅
  • Confidential Information and Invention Assignment Agreements

Managed 83(b) election add-on available.

Foreign Qualification

Register to do business in your home state. This is often necessary for opening a bank account or setting up payroll.

CA and NY directly supported. Other states supported through trusted partners.

Stock Plan Adoption

Adopt a stock plan to easily issue restricted stock or stock options to employees, consultants, and advisors.