Clerky Formation
The most popular way for startups to get company formation done.

Company formation paperwork is hard to get right.
Our powerful software and templates help you through everything with ease.

100% Complete

Unlike other online services, our software helps you with the complete set of company formation paperwork. Your company will start off with everything that investors expect, avoiding untimely legal cleanup that could endanger a financing.


$99 + third party fees = $407

Incorporate as a Delaware C-corporation, the standard for high-growth startups.

In order to ensure reliability, we electronically file your certificate of incorporation with the Delaware Secretary of State. We typically return the filed certificate of incorporation to you within 2-3 business days.


Post-Incorporation Setup

After incorporating, our post-incorporation setup helps you elect directors, appoint officers, adopt bylaws, issue stock with customizable vesting, and protect the company's intellectual property.

  • Action of Incorporator
  • Board Consent
  • Bylaws
  • Confidential Information and Invention Assignment Agreements
  • Restricted Stock Purchase Agreements
  • 83(b) Election Forms and Instructions
Foreign Qualification

Foreign Qualification
$99* CA, NY, NJ + third party fees
$149* for other states + third party fees

* Total costs vary by state

Register your company to do business in your home state.

Stock Plan Adoption

Stock Plan Adoption

Adopting a stock plan makes it easy for your company to issue restricted stock or stock options to employess, consultants, and advisors.

“When Y Combinator funds an unincorporated startup, I send the founders to Clerky and know everything will be done correctly.”

Kirsty Nathoo, Partner at Y Combinator

Safe & Trusted

Startup Attorneys

Founded by Startup Attorneys

Clerky is led by two startup attorneys who are obsessive about making sure startups avoid costly mistakes and errors.

As attorneys, they saw first-hand how much damage was caused by other online services or DIY approaches. They founded Clerky in order to prevent that from happening to anyone else.

Extensive Research

Backed by Extensive Research

We are unique in how much legal research we do to make sure that everything is done properly.

While other services merely consult with attorneys and mimic their output, we know that the process in which the output is created matters just as much. We've spent hundreds of hours doing painstaking legal research in order to ensure our software gets the process right.

Support from Experts

Support from Experts

When it comes to legal paperwork, non-obvious issues can trip up even the smartest non-experts.

At Clerky, your question will be answered exclusively by attorneys and paralegals who have worked at top-tier law firms. While we can't provide any legal advice, we'll point you in the right direction.

Recommended by Experts

Recommended by Experts

Top startup attorneys and accelerators refer startups to Clerky, because they know our reputation for quality and trust our software.

Convenient & Powerful

As Online as Possible

Fully Streamlined

Other services stop in the middle and send you blank forms for the rest of the documents - you're left on your own to figure out how to finish everything.

When you use Clerky, our software is with you every step of the way.

Collaborate with Cofounders

Collaborate with Cofounders

For companies with multiple founders, we know that company formation is often a collaborative process. We've built features that let you easily assign tasks to cofounders, and work on everything together.

Work with Your Attorney

Work with Your Attorney

Many companies use Clerky on their own, but many also use Clerky with their attorneys. Our software is designed to facilitate this, with features that allow attorneys to easily look things over and customize form language.


Thousands of top startups use Clerky to get legal paperwork done.

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Beyond Formation

Clerky Formation starts your company off on the right path. As your company grows, you can use Clerky for all your other legal paperwork.



Everything you need to bring on new employees, consultants, and advisors.

Seed Financings


Raise money from seed investors using standard convertible note or SAFE forms.

Non Disclosure Agreements


Get some peace of mind when sharing confidential information in business discussions.