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Over $5 billion raised from over 1,000 top seed investors.

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Financing Checklist

Our financing checklist makes it easy to keep track of which investors still need to sign or wire funds, so you never have to worry about not fully closing an investor. It also helps ensure your startup does a board consent before issuing any safes or convertible notes, so that your financing is legally effective.

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Signature Escrow

Just like how a law firm would do it. Collect and hold onto electronic signatures from your investors until you see the funds hit your company's bank account. This helps you avoid a situation where you issue a safe or convertible note to someone, but they don't send you the money (more common than you might think).

Document Transfer

Fully Customizable

Investor insists on changing a term? No problem. Safes and convertible notes are fully customizable on Clerky, at a per-investor level. And if you end up making a customization that you want to use for the rest of your round, we can create a custom template for you for an additional fee.

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Attorney Compatible

Keep your attorney in the loop as you add new investors. Automatically set your startup attorney as a reviewer for each safe or convertible note you issue. Or if you prefer, automatically set them as an observer so they'll receive the finalized documents each time you close an investor.

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Why can't you access our products directly? Unfortunately, it is very common for startups to have problems with their legal paperwork that would only be compounded by doing additional legal paperwork. Even if there are no such problems, it's also possible that your startup's legal paperwork is not compatible with our standard products. For these reasons, it's important to have your startup attorney look over your startup's legal paperwork before using any of our products. If you don't have a startup attorney, please feel free to contact us. We may be able to make a referral from our personal networks.